Wichita Adoption Attorney

Adopting a new family member can be simultaneously one of the most exciting times in an adoptive parent’s lifetime as well as an incredibly stressful experience. An experienced, knowledgeable adoption attorney can be a valuable resource for adoptive parents, serving as a guide to help you grow your family through adoption. I have more than 20 years of experience helping families through the adoption process in Kansas.

Adoption in Kansas

Whether you are a step-parent seeking to adopt your spouse’s child, a foster parent wishing to formalize your relationship with your foster child, or have been dreaming of growing your family by adopting an infant or an older child, Kansas laws provide a framework to making that happen.

State adoption laws can be complex and confusing. Kansas adoption laws, and the procedures and steps involved in the process, were designed with one goal in mind: protecting the best interest of the child. I understand the legal framework required for adoptions in Kansas, and am committed to helping my clients understand the adoption process. I understand the importance of good communication, and will make sure that you understand the process as we go along, and that all your questions are answered as quickly as possible.

Contact Potter Law Office, P.A. for Representation with Adoption Matters

Hiring an attorney to represent you in your adoption case is one of the most important decisions you can make. It’s important to choose an attorney who understands the process and steps and who has experience handling adoption matters in Kansas courtrooms.

I have been helping families adopt since 1995, and work diligently with my clients to represent their best interests. Whether your adoption matter seems straightforward or complex, I can provide the guidance you need to make good decisions for your family.

To learn more about the process, and to schedule an initial consultation, contact adoption attorney Tony Potter at Potter Law Office, P.A. today by calling 316-239-6626.

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